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Can a president overturn what a board has adopted?

How To Run A Meeeting

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What can a board do when the board has the majority vote on several things that disagrees with the president? And the president ignores those votes and does what she pleases. Ex.
BOD voted on a certain date for candidates to send their resumes to be on board and she sent email to board resetting that date on her own. While president was on a 2 month vacation, the office mgr. quit. So the office mgr. gave the keys and passwords to the Treasurer. Our usual practice is to change all things when there is a change in personnel. The treasurer left on her vacation for four days. Office closed. Then the president comes back and get a new set of keys(locksmith). Shes somewhat of a computer guru so she spent all day breaking the passwords and making her own. Seems there ought to be something that can be down. She has her own supporters and they are spreading rumors and accusations against the Treasurer. Any suggestions?

Dear Gladys,
Let the members know the truth. Try to remove the President.

Little Ben

Question submitted by Gladys on Aug 20, 2013