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How do you remove a board member office?

How To Run A Meeeting

If you would like to know more about how Parliamentarian Procedure from Little Ben, click here for my DVD called How To Run A Meeting.

Hi Little Ben,

can a board member vote up or down on his or her own dismissal ?
A motion was called and seconded to remove a member of the board, can the person to whom the motion is concerning vote ??

Dear Trey,

Don't let this train leave the station until some things are sorted out! Is the board member being removed for cause? Do your bylaws allow for the board to remove the person without an impartial hearing or trial? Do you have something the bylaws about rescinding an election or a provision that states the board with notice can remove a board member? Has he been censured or put on a probation or is this a vigilante action getting rid of someone the rest of the members consider a thorn in their side?

The principle to use here if it is a motion to rescind his election or remove from office he can vote. If it is a trial type procedure he cannot vote but has the right to defend himself. Let us hope that reason prevails.


Little Ben

Question submitted by Trey on Oct 13, 2014