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How do you replace incorrect minutes with the correct ones?

How To Run A Meeeting

If you would like to know more about how Parliamentarian Procedure from Little Ben, click here for my DVD called How To Run A Meeting.

The President presented her version of the meeting minutes and railroaded their approval. What is the correct way to remove her version (she is no longer President) and have the Secretary's minutes as the official record?

Hello Lynda,
What a mess! There is no "president's" version of the minutes or "secretary's version" of the minutes. The minutes should record the actions that took place at the meeting. The minutes do not include what was said, but what was done. That is the only minutes that should be presented to the members to replace the minutes that were railroaded through. This is what I recommend. Have an impartial committee go through the notes of the meeting. Get a copy of Robert's Rules of Order. (You might consider the McConnell's book Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied. It has sample minutes in it.) Look at what Robert's Rules of Order says should be included in the minutes. The secretary should write the minutes that conform to this standard and have the committee review them to see that they follow the standard. When that is done, some one can make the motion to strike the minutes of that meeting where the "president's" meeting were approved and insert the minutes that conform to standard parliamentary law. (So the motion would state I move to strike the minutes of ______meeting (the date) that was approved at the ______ meeting, and insert the attached minutes. " If previous notice is given, it will only take a majority vote to adopt. If no notice is given it will take a two-thirds vote to adopt.


Little Ben

Question submitted by Lynda on Dec 13, 2014