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Dynamic Video & Book Combination - How to Conduct a Meeting
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Special DVD and Book - DVD: Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics and Book: Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied 3rd Edition 2014
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Teacher's Package
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All About Motions Video

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All About Motions Video

2 Volumes 140 minutes

Dear Customer,

 Our Second Major Video about Parliamentary Procedure will be released August 1996. It's entitled "ALL ABOUT MOTIONS". After studying this video, you won't wonder again what to do next in a meeting! See what others have said about "ALL ABOUT MOTIONS."

 The First Volume in this Two Volume Set includes ALL the Subsidiary Motions in complete detail from "Postpone Indefinitely" to "Lay on the Table." It includes ALL the Privileged Motions: "Call for the Orders of the Day," "Raise a Question of Privilege," "Recess," "Adjourn, and that handy motion "Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn" which sets the time for an adjourned meeting.

 The First Volume also includes many of the incidental motions and all the motions that bring a question again before the assembly. ABOUT HALF OF ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER IS EXPLAINED IN THIS VIDEO!!!

 You will learn how to raise a "Point of Order" when member's rights are being taken away. AND how to "Appeal the Decision of the Chair," if you feel the ruling is not correct.

 If an issue comes up that members feel is too "hot to handle" or divisive, the video tells how to "Object to the Consideration of the Question".

 If members have made a too hasty decision, the video explains how to "Reconsider the Vote" on an adopted motion. Or, if they need to "Rescind" it altogether, the video shows the correct procedures.

 The first volume is Completely Instructional, divided into short sections. It comes with an instructional booklet with a time code and short synopsis of each motion. Each section in the booklet is page referenced to ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED, 1990 ed.

 The second volume of this video is a meeting conducted from beginning to end illustrating the motions in the first volume in a meeting setting. There are two meetings on this video, the first meeting is the "regular meeting" of our student government officials and the second meeting is an "adjourned meeting".

 The Second Volume also comes with its own booklet with a time code showing where different motions and procedures appear in the meeting. The instructional booklet has detailed information for secretaries on what to put into the minutes and the format for writing the minutes. It also explains an "adjourned meeting" and the procedures in an adjourned meeting. The booklet includes the actual minutes of both meetings.

Presiding officers will learn how to handle each motion as it is made, and little nuances that make for smoother meetings. Secretaries will learn to write correct minutes, and members will know how to accomplish what they desire through proper procedures. They will understand the motions that enable them to do this. Here is a preview of some of the information explained in the video:

    An amendment must be germane to what it is amending. An amendment can be germane and defeat the spirit of the motion it is amending. (See section "Is it germane?")
    An amendment can be amended. These are called primary and secondary amendments. (See section on Amending)
    Debate can be closed on all pending questions. (See Previous Question)
    When a small assembly wants to take away the limits on debate they can go into "Informal Consideration". (See Refer to A Committee)
    An appeal from the decision of the chair is debatable if the motion it refers to is debatable. The chair has the first right to speak to the appeal and the last right to speak. (See Appeal)
    The motion to recess is amendable. (See Recess)

This TWO HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTE two volume set can be ordered NOW! for the special introductory price of $120.50 + $6.00 S & H or total of $126.50 total.
Thirty day money back guarantee. 


Gary Gilliland, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Greenville, North Carolina

Robert McConnell Productions
Mr. Robert McConnell, Ph.D.
4303 67th Ave NW
Gig Harbor Wa 98335

 Dear Bob,

    I have been viewing your excellent Motions videos. I can't begin to count the number of presiding officers I have known who were completely clueless about the matters you cover so clearly and memorably.

     These videos make the dry words of Robert's Rules of Order come to life in a way I've never experienced before. Usually only one side or the other knows how the procedures are supposed to work, and the results is a parliamentary disaster with the rights of either the minority or the majority trampled under a crushing weight of misunderstanding and fol-de-rol.

     The excellence of the video technical quality matches the parliamentary technical excellence, resulting in tapes of great value. I believe these tapes do more to make the intricacies of parliamentary motions practice accessible than the totals of all the other presentations with which I am familiar.


Gary Gilliland

Dear Robert McConnell Productions:

    Your two volume video ALL ABOUT MOTIONS has been much help to me in studying for the National Association of Parliamentarians entrance test and in helping me understand how to participate and conduct orderly church business meetings and homeowners association meetings.

     Watching and hearing correct parliamentary procedure in action certain does simplify the learning and really gives hands on experience.

     Thank you for your dedicated and precise work in producing these most helpful teaching aids.


 Joyce Esgar
Phoenix, AZ

Robert McConnell Productions - Your Parliamentary Procedure Resource. 
We have a video "Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple" based on "Robert's Rules of Order."