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Dear Parliamentarian Vol. 91 Sept. 2003

Dear Parliamentarian Vol. 91  Sept.  2003
Answers to your Parliamentary Questions

"Dear Parlimentarian" is written by the author of Parliamentary Procedures Made Simple: The Basics, an 80 minute video that tells how to have better meetings. wrote:

Dear Parliamentarian:

I am adjutant of a Veterans Organization and the membership at the July meeting passed unanimously, a motion regarding the investment strategies of the organization.  The strategies have been implemented and a minority do not like the motion that was passed and at the September meeting are going to attempt, to have a number of people who do not attend meetings on a regular basis,  attend the meeting in an all out attempt to overturn the previous motion.  My question is - in accordance with Roberts Rules - can this be done?  If so, what is to prevent the majority from doing the reverse at the following meeting when it becomes favorable to their point of view?

Charles Roeske

Dear Charles,
   The minority can a make a motion to rescind the previous action. But this motion has a voting rule that goes with it to protect the absent members.  The rule is that if notice was given in an official way:  notice at the previous meeting or in a letter to the members,  then the motion will take a majority vote to rescind.  If no official notice is given, (and the rumor mill is not notice), then the motion will take either a two thirds vote of those voting at the meeting, or a majority vote of the entire membership whichever is easier to obtain.  If the minority over turns it, the majority can overturn that decision at another meeting.  This can go on and on until some understanding  between these two groups is arrived at.

The Parliamentarian

PS.  I suggest that you get a good book on Robert's Rules of Order and study about "renewing motions, reconsidering the vote on motions, and rescinding motions."