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If you are in a HOA and you need to know more about Robert's Rules of Order, click here. There is a chapter in the book just for HOA's.

Over the years Robert McConnell Productions has written articles about various problems that arise in organizations and how to solve them.  Since more and more people, about 64 million, live in covenanted communities—Condos, HOA’s, and other types—we have decided to include more about this important trend that is happening in our country.  In the new edition of our book, Robert’s Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, 3rd edition, we have included a chapter especially for those who live in homeowner associations.  We are also adding articles by blogger, Deborah Goonan, who learned by the school of hard knocks, how difficult it can be to live in corporate America’s version of “home sweet home.”  We hope that you find these blogs and our suggestions at the end of the blogs helpful to you as you navigate through your homeowner association experience.  If you need to contact us with your questions and concerns, please e-mail us at

Do you trust your Homeowners' Association Board?
Is it possible to trust those governing HOA's? Does the structure of this type of association lend itself to trust? Can we ultimately trust the HOA board to do the right thing without membership oversight?
Published on Apr 21, 2015.
First Amendment rights also apply to HOAs, but you may have to defend those rights in court
Can an HOA board limit an owner's rights to practice his religion, put out campaign literature for running for a board position or political signs? Does this corporate entity have the right to deny anyone of his constitutional rights? This article cites three court cases where the courts upheld the First Amendment and reversed a board's decision that denied it.
Published on Mar 1, 2015.
Is Your Condo a residential community or an investment community?
This article discusses the problems when a Condo complex is mainly owned by investors and how it affects the individual owner. Both owners and renters need to consider the complications that can arise in this type of Condo.
Published on Feb 16, 2015.
Did you know that in some states, your HOA legally collects rent from YOUR tenant?
If you want to rent out a Condo or a house in an HOA, you might want to think carefully about the information in this article. There is a law in Florida that allows the HOA or Condo to collect your tenants rent instead of you if you get behind in assessments or other fees owed to the association.
Published on Feb 1, 2015.
In your HOA, what do you value most: security, compliance, or personal privacy?
A large question is looming today in Homeowners Associations. Should drones be used to enforce codes, to find infractions to codes, and to solve other problems? This article explores this issue and other security related issues that are coming to the front of HOA boards today.
Published on Jan 12, 2015.
Can homeowners get rid of their HOA?
If you are in an HOA and want to dissolve it, this article explains the process. If you have property is common it tells the steps that you can take to dispose of it. However, unless the covenants are also rescinded they will continue for they go with the land. In dissolving an association you are just dissolving the corporate structure not the covenants. That is a separate process.
Published on Jan 2, 2015.
Who says that all new construction must have HOA governance?
A common myth in those who build developments is that it must be built as an Homeowners Association. Although this is what is happening, individuals can have power if they will choose to use it. Don't buy in these developments. If enough people would stop buying a very clear message would be sent. This article addresses this very important issue.
Published on Dec 22, 2014.
The proper form of HOA minutes
When writing the minutes for the Homeowners association, follow the topics on the agenda. The minutes are a record of what happened at the meeting not what was said.
Published on Dec 19, 2014.
Does your HOA encourage or discourage member participation?
Members who come to meetings should not be labeled as dissidents. Every member that comes has a right to bring forward his concerns and be heard by the board.
Published on Dec 2, 2014.
HOA Voting Representatives: the Undelegates
HOA's often have a system of delegates instead of homeowners who go to the meetings and vote. These delegates may not be chosen by the homeowners. This is representation without consent of the governed. These delegates make decisions that are binding on all often without input from the owners. Watch out! You could end up paying for things never thought were possible.
Published on Nov 23, 2014.
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