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Can a chair of a committee change a scheduled meeting day after the meeting has adjourned?

How To Run A Meeeting

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Is it correct for The Chair of a committee to change a previously scheduled meeting days after the committee has closed the meeting? The Chair directed the scheduled meeting be rescheduled 5 days later by telephone.

My gosh. This is a tricky question! Since I do not know all the facts, I cannot comment whether it is correct or not. But let me say this. There have been times when I have served in small committees where things do come up and meeting dates need to be changed. I assume the last statement means that the chairman called everyone to reschedule the meeting. I think if everyone could make it at that time there would be no problem. But if it became inconvenient for members of the committee then the date of the meeting that the committee members voted on should stand. Not everyone can make all committee meetings. When the members vote to set it date it should be kept unless an emergency makes it impossible for it not to take place. The principle here is that the vote of the committee is greater than the chairman. But again if the chairman can't make it to that scheduled meeting, I hope there is a vice chairman that can take his place.


Little Ben

Question submitted by Is it correct on May 12, 2013