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Can a resigning president become the immediate past president?

How To Run A Meeeting

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The president of our church board resigned after constant attacks by the treasure and past president. I am now the president. Can the resigning president now become the past president if the rest of the board so desires.
V. Section 1.
The Board of Trustees (hereafter referred to as "Board") shall consist of four (4) executive officers and three (3)Trustees-at-Large. The immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board. All members of the Board shall be voting Members of the Church.
V. Section 8. e.
After completion of the President's term, the President shall become Past President and shall chair the Long Range Planning Committee
No where in the bylaws does it say the president that resigned cannot serve. The past past president now is so toxic, I do not want her around with the treasure to cause more problems. These two just did not like the person that was the president. Can we do anything?

Dear Lynn,
This behavior makes my alarm go off! Such bad behavior needs to be dealt with and quickly. If the president who just resigned served more than half of the term, then that person is now the "past -president." Here are Little Ben's sound words of advice: " Amend your bylaws and get rid of the office "past president." There is no need for this office. When one is done in the position of president that person needs to step down and return to being a member or serving in other capacities. If you train people well there is no need for a past president to guide the incoming president. This office prolongs personal power. You are dealing with a person who wants to remain in the limelight and wants to run things. Get rid of the position and you get rid of the problem.

In the mean time someone needs to take the Treasurer and past president aside and remind them of their Sunday School lessons: Do not bear false witness against your neighbor and love your neighbor as your self.


Little Ben

Question submitted by Lynn on May 10, 2014