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How do you get people to serve on the board?

How To Run A Meeeting

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Dear Little Ben,
I serve on a BOD that has seats for up to 13 members. Terms are 3 years in length and expire March 2015. Through attrition and resignation, we are down to 7 members with no replacements in sight or interest from the community in serving. Only 3 current members are interested in staying on. How do we suspend or "freeze" our BOD until possible interest returns at some point in the future?

Dear Kirsten,
I think there is something very contagious going around. It think it is called "board-itest." Other organizations are having the same problem. Do you have in your bylaws after the number of years of service "or until their successor is elected?" If you do then these members must continue serving until someone else is elected. If you are incorporated, most corporation laws state that board members continue in office until a replacement is elected and qualified.

The remedy for this disease is enthusiasm and training people to serve on the board. If you have too many duties for board members, you may need to find a way to lessen the load. Since it is the few who usually serve, there is also "board burn out." Time to rejuvenate the troops.


Little Ben

Question submitted by Kirsten on Oct 15, 2014