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How to Conduct a Meeting
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How To Run A Meeting


Little Ben's Secret to Conducting a Meeting

How To Run A Meeeting

If you would like to know more about how Parliamentarian Procedure from Little Ben, click here for my DVD called How To Run A Meeting.


Little Ben, Company Spokesman

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Do your meetings run too long? Do you want to get home before Midnight? 


Meeting Tip:  Have the president use a meeting script and the members follow the rules of debate!

Now, your president and members can learn effective meeting skills to have shorter and more productive meetings.  Two DVD's:  How to Run a Meeting and How to Conduct a Meeting plus  the book, Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied.   The book explains how to have short, productive meetings; how to follow the rules of debate and how to make motions. Members will leave a meeting knowing that they accomplished something and they will want to attend the next meeting.

How to Run a Meeting is a Power Point Presentation on DVD that can be played in either a DVD player or a lap top computer with a DVD drive. Little Ben, our new company spokesman, gives a step by step overview of how to run a meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

How to Conduct a Meeting is a live action DVD showing exactly what you should during a meeting.  It illustrates a meeting from the call to order to adjournment.  A secretary reads the minutes, a treasurer gives his report, and there are several committee reports. You will learn how to handle “unfinished business” and how to make, discuss and vote on a motion under “new business”.   It comes with a paper booklet explaining how to write a meeting script.  This meeting script will make the presiding officer look like a seasoned professional when he conducts a meeting.

Our book Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied is a simplified parliamentary authority.  Readers say it easy to use and helps them solve organizational and meeting problems.

To see excerpts from these DVD's go to

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