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What do you do when a mother and daughter want to run the club?

How To Run A Meeeting

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The president of our club and the Secretary are mother and daughter.. it is causing problems. We want to change this and I am looking for a quote in the rules that state this is not proper. so we can rid ourselves of this trouble in a proper manner... we are small and growing , we will find a parliamentarian to guide us along.. but we want the mother daughter duo gone... we do not have by laws passed at this time... nor a board.. a motion will be made at the next meeting to form a board. and pass by laws. The president did not want a board, and a motion was made and and seconded to form a committee to file our 501c3 she did not do it, and let her daughter fill out the paper work and file it.. costing us $800 . Another member had an atty. who was going to handle this and keep the cost to $300.. no committee was ever formed...

Dear Sally,

This is great puzzlement to me. How can an organization file a 501c3 without bylaws? Are you incorporated? With no bylaws or formal organization how can you have a president and secretary? I do not think you can. You cannot form a board. That has to be in your bylaws! I would say that you really do not have a group at all so therefore no president or secretary. It is just an informal group meeting. So make a motion to remove officers that you really do not have. I strongly recommend that you contact a parliamentarian to help you get bylaws and get going in the right direction!


Little Ben

Question submitted by Sally Lawhon on Dec 31, 2013