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When a president works behind the scenes can members remove him?

How To Run A Meeeting

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Our president has been in office 6 months and is trying to do things behind the board's back. Majority of the board (in a meeting directed by the VP) decided to put the VP on the signature card at the bank and remove the president.(President not there because she has been on a two month vacation) After she was informed of this, the president called the bank and told them not to talk to anyone but her. Can this be brought to the membership's attention as one of the reasons she needs to be removed from office?

Dear Gladys,
If this is an HOA, you are incorporated, and under most corporation law there does not have to be cause to remove. However, I would proceed carefully to remove her from her board position. She sounds like a fighter and one who wants absolute power. My gosh even the Queen does not do this kind of stuff! If you just want to remove her from her office as president, usually boards elect their own presidents. If this is the case then the board could remove her from being president. She would remain on the board as a member. That still does not solve the problem--that she is a Queen bee want-a-bee. She needs to go to school to learn what democracy is!


Little Ben
PS. I am surprised that the Bank would listen to her since most banks make associations to go through hoops to put names on the checking account.

Question submitted by Gladys on Aug 9, 2013